Benefits Of Cleaning Carpets The Eco-friendly Way

Most people like to clean their carpets, but don’t want the chemicals and toxic gases that come with the traditional carpet cleaning method. They have heard of cleaning carpets the eco-friendly way, but are not convinced about using it. Their question is: ‘What are the benefits of cleaning carpets the eco-friendly way ?’ The purpose of this article is to answer that question. The benefits of cleaning carpets the eco-friendly way are:

**Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is safer.

Cleaning your carpets the eco-friendly way is safer for you and your household. This method of carpets cleaning is done with natural and organic products that cannot harm you. Eco-friendly carpets cleaning products are ozone-friendly, non-toxic, and they do not contain harmful substances. Basically, eco-friendly carpets cleaning is very safe.

**Quick drying.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning requires only a fraction of water needed for traditional carpet cleaning. Using lesser quantity of water means your carpet will dry faster. If you are using the traditional carpet cleaning method, it may take your carpet two days to dry, but with the eco-friendly method, an hour is enough for your carpet to dry.

**Very effective

Cleaning carpets the eco-friendly way is very effective. It has been proved with studies that cleaning your carpet deeply with an eco-friendly solution can remove more than 94% of the dirt and contaminants in your carpet. This means less bacteria and contaminants to worry about for your household.

Cleaning your carpets the eco-friendly way is always a win-win. It is time to go eco-friendly!

4 Universals Tips to Remove Stubborn Stains From Carpets

Wine, pasta sauce, excrement of our pet… our dear carpets have all lived some rough times. Facing a stain, it’s truly tempting to get the sponge out and start rubbing. But instead, take two minutes and do yourself a favor by preparing a plan of attack because a good strategy can make the absolute difference between a more than decent clean carpet and a stained one that remains visible to the naked eyes forever. Several methods to clean numerous types of spots the best way exist. You should search for the specific stain you’re trying to clean, here are some universal rules that apply to all carpet cleaning.

1. Clean the spot as quickly as possible.

The most capital thing is to get the spot before it has the chance to settle down. Do not let the stain lurk there.

2. Dry instead of rubbing.

Before cleaning, absorb the various liquid or dirty materials using the proper tool like cloth or sponge. The goal is to remove the maximum amount of liquid possible, try to reduce its size and reduce the size of that ugly stain. After that, think about dabbing rather than rubbing vigorously. A circular motion is ideal.

3. Use as few products as possible.

This will reduce the drying time and also at the same time the risk of staining the carpet forever. Also, for most stains, it is best to use carbonated water or dishwashing liquid, ideal for rubbing and harmless for the fabrics.

4. Dry it well.

Dry thoroughly with paper or a towel after cleaning as damp carpets can become moldy. You can also use a fan or a hair dryer to speed up the process smoothly.


Having a clean carpet can enhance the appearance or look of your house. But most importantly, keeping a clean carpet means keeping your family healthy. If you fail to clean your carpet properly and regularly, it can turn into a hideaway spot for mold, bacteria, and harmful dust. Though you can clean and vacuum it yourself, this simply isn’t enough. You need professional help to avoid the possible health effects to your family in the future.

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